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Our Wedding: A few of my favorite Pictures.

There were close to two thousand pictures taken by our photographer, Ryan Brenizer. I thought of the all white color scheme long before Kim Kardashian and Kate Middleton. Here are a few of my favorite pictures. You will see some of the aforementioned characters. Christine can be seen fixing my gown. I wish I had thought about getting a decent picture taken with her. She was so focused on making my day perfect and stuffing me into my corset. I was focused on sucking in my stomach as much as I could. You will see the kids, the bridesmaids, the belly dancers and Bobby twirling me around and around….

Thank you, Chrissy. I appreciate everything you did for us. I rarely saw you that evening, I just know that the timeline was followed and we had the best night of our lives. Our wedding day was perfect and your hard work, dedication and love was felt by all. I don’t know if I ever told you this, but we had hired someone else and ended up firing her before we met you. Maybe I will write a post about that someday! It is definitely a good story. I’m convinced that fate brought us together for a reason. Laying on that table in the operating room, I started to figure out what that reason was. I needed to remember my wedding day and all the good days. Stay awake.The room was so cold. The situation so dire. Those memories gave me what I needed to feel.

Warmth, joy and love.

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