Birth Trauma Survivor and Maternal Health Advocate

We Have a Responsibility to Care for Each Other

Hi Everyone, It’s been a long time!  Today is March For Moms, a peaceful demonstration in D.C.  bringing to light the critical need to address the maternal health of families in our country. I won’t be attending, as my daughter had a violin recital this weekend;-) But I will be there with everyone in spirit….


“Debriefing-style counseling after a trauma often aggravates a victim's stress-related symptoms, for example, and 4 in 10 bereaved people do better without grief therapy.” Winifred Gallagher

I never found any comfort in talking to my psychiatrist, Dr. Jones–I was only seeing her twice a week because she suggested it. I dreaded every appointment. Instead of feeling like I was making progress, I often left feeling much worse than I did before. During our sessions I saw her eyes constantly dart back…


“I remember leaving the hospital – thinking, 'Wait, are they going to let me just walk off with him? I don't know beans about babies! I don't have a license to do this.' We're just amateurs.” Anne Tyler

You have to have an absurd amount of schooling and experience to be considered for most jobs. You have to fill out an application, go for an interview (sometimes several), and then you wait to hear the outcome. When you want to have a baby, there are no requirements at all. There is no age…