Birth Trauma Survivor and Maternal Health Advocate

The Purpose Driven Life: What On Earth Am I Here For?

I met Pastor Rick Warren on a photo shoot in September of 2007 while he was in New York to film a series of television interviews.  Pastor Warren is the founder and senior pastor of the famous Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. He is also the bestselling author of several books, including “The Purpose…

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What is your definition of Trauma?

For me it was many things. The blood. Feeling Dr. B’s hand and arm inside my body, massaging my uterus over and over again. Fear of closing my eyes. Vomiting on myself. Being nude in front of all those strangers. The surgery. Not holding Miss J. Demerol. Tranfusions. Uncertainty about life and death. The death…

"It is the habit of faith, when she is praying, to use pleas. Mere prayer sayers, who do not pray at all, forget to argue with God; but those who prevail bring forth their reasons and their strong arguments." Charles H. Spurgeon

About an hour into the surgery, Dr. B emerged from the side room where people had gathered to watch Dr. Richmond attempt to save my life. Dr. B came over to me and picked up my hand. “You are doing great,” he said. “I am?” I asked. “Yes. The surgery is going very well so…

“Red is one of the strongest colors, it’s blood, it has a power with the eye. That’s why traffic lights are red I guess, and stop signs as well… In fact,I use red in all of my paintings.” -Keith Haring

There was blood everywhere. Just hours before, I had been watching Seinfeld re-runs on the TV in the corner of my hospital room. The TV was turned off now and I was lying in bed, staring at my reflection in the TV. I could see my entire midsection down to my legs covered in red….