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The Faces Of Autism: Meet Mikey, Christine and Michael MacPherson

I am going to tell you a lot about the MacPherson family over the next few weeks. Today, I want to share with you some pictures of their beautiful family. They enjoy trips to the beach and the pumpkin patch. Mikey loves to swim. Christine, always a planner, loves holidays and birthdays and decorates for each to the extreme. Trust me, we went to Mikey’s pirate themed fifth birthday pool party last February. It was held indoors at a hotel and amazing! Even Miss J went home with a pirate themed gift bag, complete with a pink skull and cross-bones scarf!  Mikey’s father, Michael, loves to coordinate outfits. A lot. You will see what I mean in the pictures. These two are a couple of studs and they have a passion for fashion.There are so many misconceptions about children with Autism. No two cases are identical, and treatment must be tailored to fit each individual child. One of the most disheartening views I have ever heard is that people with Autism lack the ability to express their feelings and feel emotions. After spending time with the MacPherson family and other children who have Autism, I discovered that this characterization could not be any more false.

Mikey is full of joy and zest for life. He gives hugs and kisses. He will hold your hand. Mikey lights up any room with his wide, bright smile. He is a blessing and a pleasure to be around.

The MacPherson family has shown me that it is possible to turn trauma into triumph.


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Photos courtesy of the MacPerson family and Heather Renee Photography.


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